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BSNL ADSL Modem Configuration: D Link DSL 2730 U N 150 ADSL2+ (Type-4)

Here you can decide which configuration mode of your Internet connection. That is PPPoE mode or Bridge Mode. In PPPoE mode,  the user id and password supplied by your internet service provider i.e. BSNL is stored inside the Modem itself. Here internet connection will be made through as soon as you switched ON your Modem. PPPoE mode is essential to share the internet connection with multiple PCs, Laptops, Smart phones etc.

In Bridge mode Modem will work as a bridge and you have to setup a dialer in your PC. In this modem internet connection sharing is not possible through Modem. To configure the Modem in Bridge mode just select the Wan Service type to “Bridging” and keep rest all settings default, then go to the final steps through clicking the “Next” button.

Step 6: We are going to configure in PPPoE mode, So select the “WAN Service Type” – PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) then keep the rest settings default and click the Next button. The following window appears:


This is the important step where you have to enter the broadband userid and password supplied by BSNL.

PPP Username – Username supplied by BSNL PPP Password – Password supplied by BSNL PPPoE Service Name – You can type anything for reference ..Say BSNL Authentication Method – Auto Enable Firewall, Now Keep all the other settings Default. You need not to set anything. Click the Next Button.

Step 7: In this page Select the option “ Select DNS Server Interface from available WAN Interfaces” and click the Next button.


Step 8: Just Click the Apply/Save Button in this window as in screenshot below:


Next window will be:


Step 9: Then click reboot in the Management tab in front page. After 1 minute of rebooting, it will complete the modem configuration.

Click Here for Wi-Fi Configuration of D Link DSL 2730 U N 150 ADSL2+ (Type-4) Modem.

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16 thoughts on “BSNL ADSL Modem Configuration: D Link DSL 2730 U N 150 ADSL2+ (Type-4)”

  1. Hi, Thanks for this informative and helpful configuration steps.
    However with my N150 router, I am still unable to get the wifi working. When connected to LAN, I am able to get internet, but when I try to connect wifi I am always getting “Authentication Problem”.
    Could you please help me with trouble shooting ?


    1. you need to reset the modem and try to configure it once again.the reset button is at the bottom of the modem. after reseting put the dlink setup cd in pc and once again configure it or else try rebooting the modem 5-7 times this will surely help……

  2. Put the IP address in Local Area Connection as … Sir i dint find where to get Local Area Connection from ?? control pannel?? pls explain from start

  3. Hi,,
    After following all the instructions, I get the wifi symbol on my computer but the internet is not getting connected. Please help.

  4. how can i use this router in bsnl wimax sevices .plz help me.
    it has dsl port but wimax has a lan wire so i can not use wifi help me.

  5. I am trying to connect BB via D-Link 2750U N300 ADSL2+ Modem with router, I did sed the setup and selected the BSNL operator during setup. It loaded LAN, WAN, Wireless setting automatically. However, Internet is not connected, connection shows “Limited”. Cross verified with my self care that my ISP credential is correct. Can anyone help me?

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