Test Your BSNL Broadband Speed

BSNL ADSL Modem Configuration: STAR-NET AR800V v3.0 (Type-4)


Step 2: Click on “Internet Connection” under Configuration Tab, the following window appears:


Step 3: Click on Add to create a new Internet connection, the following window appears:


Step 4: Input the correct VPI/VCI as 0/35 & click Next, the following window appears:


Step 5: Choose Connection Type: PPPoE & click Next, the following window appears:


Step 6: Configure WAN IP Settings (if necessary), Please make “Enable NAT” chosen & click Next, the following window appears:


Step 7: Configure Broadband User Name and Password as provided by BSNL & click Next, the following window appears:


Step 8: Click “Apply” to finish the configuration. Committing changes saves them permanently. You can commit changes to save them permanently to flash memory by clicking on the Reboot button under Admin Tab, make sure to select “Last” in Reboot From field.


After 2 minutes of rebooting, it will complete the modem configuration.

Click Here for Wi-Fi Configuration of STAR-NET AR800V v3.0 (Type-4).

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8 thoughts on “BSNL ADSL Modem Configuration: STAR-NET AR800V v3.0 (Type-4)”

  1. I have this AR800V v3.0 modem. I want to connect an external hard disk to its free usb port. However, on connecting the hard disk, the usb led glows, but I am not able to access the hard disk wirelessly. Can you please tell me the necessary setting that I should enable to access my hard disk via this modem

  2. I have applied your techniques and configuration in my bsnl modem ar800v and its working perfectly. Thanks for sharing information

  3. Hi. I have a STAR-NET AR800V v3.0 (Type-II)ADSL Modem provided by BSNL. I am facing a unique problem since past few months. The modem resets to its factory defaults by its own. I have to configure it at least twice a day. Can you please send me link to its firmware. I have seen everywhere but couldnt get it. Please help.

  4. I have iBall-Baton router 300 mbps. And i have BSNL Brodband AR800V v3.0. so can i make a bridge connection between them ?
    pls tell me.

  5. Having Syria ADSL2+CPE, AR800V v3.0 wireless modem router.
    My mobile redmi 2 gtg wifi, but redmi s3 goes on searching for IP address and fails.
    Occassionally after along time picks up wifi and stays . How
    To fix the issue.
    My lap top,iPad and redmi 2works satisfactorily.

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