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BSNL ADSL Modem Wi-Fi Configuration: ITI DNA-A211-I (Type-4)

This guide will brief you about ITI DNA-A211-I (Type-4). It will guide you about how to physically connect modem as well as Wi-Fi configuration of this modem pictorially. It is a easy and step-by-step guide for you.

The DNA-A211-I provides high-speed Internet access via one WAN port over ATM over ADSL. It is a type-4 modem in context to BSNL modem terminology. It has four Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi transmitter for PC connectivity.

Front Panel:


Rear Panel:


I will discuss the wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) in bridge configuration (i.e. dialer mode) for this modem pictorially with required text when needed.

The Wireless section of the web management allows the user to configure the wireless setting like security, bridge, QoS etc. The detailed description is given below:

Section I:

LAN Configuration:

              Put the IP address in Local Area Connection as-
IP Add: (Say)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Section II:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer or other browser, and put in address bar of browser and hit enter. One window of modem configuration will open, put the user name and password as-
User Name: admin
Password: admin


in the web browser, the following window appears:

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  1. didnt worked …. i cant find default gateway in ipconfig command prompt and typing default gaTEWAY PROVIDED BY YOU ISNT WORKING TOO

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