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BSNL ADSL Modem Wi-Fi Configuration: Resident Router 1600 (Type-4)

This guide will brief you about Resident Router 1600 (Type-4). It will guide you about how to physically connect modem as well as Wi-Fi configuration of this modem pictorially. It is a easy and step-by-step guide for you.

You have chosen NSN Resident Router 1600 (Type-4). It is a type-4 modem in context to BSNL modem terminology. It has four Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi transmitter for PC connectivity. NSN Resident Router 1600 is a high quality multifunction internet access device offering ADSL, WiFi, and LAN switch. It Support ADSL2+ (maximum downstream 24Mbps and upstream 1Mpbs).

Front Panel:


I will discuss the wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) configuration for this modem pictorially with required text when needed. The Wireless section of the web management allows the user to configure the wireless setting like security, bridge, QoS etc. The detailed description is given below. I will break the whole modem configuration procedure in two sections.

Click here for PPPoE Mode configuration in Resident Router 1600 (Type-4) to enable Internet connection.

Section I:

LAN Configuration:

              Put the IP address in Local Area Connection as-
IP Add: (Say)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Section II:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer or other browser, and put in address bar of browser and hit enter. One window of modem configuration will open, put the user name and password as-
User Name: admin
Password: admin


After providing user name and password, you will come to the home page of modem. Click on wireless on top near ADSL, the following window appears:

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