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BSNL Broadband Plan Summary: February 2016

This broadband plan summary for February 2016 will be useful as a guide for prospective and existing ADSL/ VDSL/ FTTH broadband customer of BSNL. BSNL offers various wire line broadband plans with a High Speed Internet Connectivity from 2 Mbps to 24 Mbps Download Speed (Bandwidth) over ADSL/ VDSL/ FTTH, accordingly with the choice of the customer opts.


India’s largest broadband Service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) provides Limited & Unlimited wire line Broadband Internet Plans for Home as well as Business Customers with or without combo options with reliable tariff at cheapest fixed monthly rates with Free Free Calls in some plans across India.

Telecom giant BSNL offers various different Broadband plans on different access technology i.e. ADSL, VDSL or FTTH. BSNL offers Limited & Unlimited Broadband Plans via Land line Telephone Copper Network along with free calls (in some plans) to the customers both in rural as well as in urban area, which are more attractive at affordable monthly budget having cheapest Broadband Tariff with Normal and Combo BB Plans for Internet Uploads / Downloads for Home and Business users.

Category of Broadband internet plans based on usage:

  1. Unlimited Usage Plans (Available on ADSL & FTTH both): 
  • Broadband unlimited Plans with speed up to 2 Mbps
  • Broadband unlimited Plans with speed varying from 4 Mbps to 24 Mbps
  1. Limited Usage Plans (Available on ADSL & FTTH both):
  2. Flexi Combo Plans under Landline/Broadband Service:

1a. Broadband unlimited Plans with speed up to 2 Mbps (Unlimited Usage Plans):

These Fair usage Unlimited Broadband Plan comes at different fixed monthly rental for different plans with unlimited download & upload usage with restriction of speed for some limit based on plans.

Plans are: BBG UL 545,  BBG Combo UL 675, BBG ULD 795,  BBG  Combo ULD 845,   BBG Combo ULD 945 , BBG Combo ULD 1445,  BBG ULD 1491 EA, BBG Combo ULD 3500 (As on February 2016 from BSNL official website).


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  2. Best Bsnl broadband RURAL unlimited plan in PUNJAB ( BBG Rural Combo ULD 650 ) upto 2 Mbps till 1 GB, 512 Kbps beyond
    Best Bsnl broadband URBAN unlimited plan in PUNJAB ( BBG Combo ULD 945 ) Upto 2 Mbps upto 8 GB, 512
    Kbps beyond 8 GB

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