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ERROR: 619- “The remote computer did not respond and port was closed”

This guide will help you to understand Error 619: “The remote computer did not respond and port was closed”, which you got while connecting BSNL Broadband. It will provide the expected reasons as well as solutions for Error 619.

619It is not a common broadband error code that occur while connecting BSNL broadband, as I know. I got some reasons & obviously solutions too through google over net . I am trying to share these idea to you. If you like it please share to others also.


  1. It occurs when another application / process requires the same port as being used by the broadband / internet modem. In particular, fax software is often associated with error 619.
  2. Due to corrupted Modem USB driver (If using).
  3. Due Registry Problem.
  4. You may have installed a router and is causing you some issues with connectivity.


  1. Most of the time, when you restart your system it automatically solved.
  2. Fix your System registry problem with registry cleaning software.
  3. Uninstall and re-install your Broadband modem USB driver.

Have you any query regarding this error code ERROR 619: “The remote computer did not respond and port was closed” or any suggestion, please share for others too.

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