Test Your BSNL Broadband Speed

ERROR 678: “The remote computer did not respond”

This guide will help you to understand Error 678, which you got while connecting BSNL Broadband. It will provide the expected reasons as well as solutions for Error 678.

error 678It is most common broadband error code occur while connecting BSNL broadband and I am sure most of you have faced this error once in your system. I also felt this error lot of time, as I am also a BSNL broadband customer like you. I got some reasons & obviously solutions too through google over net . I am trying to share these idea to you. If you like it please share to others also.

Reason for Error 678:

    1. Wrong connection at broadband CPE.
    2. LAN card of PC may be disabled.
    3. PC Ethernet (LAN card) port fault/ Driver corrupt.
    4. Line problem between your end and POP of Internet Service Provide (ISP) i.e. BSNL.
    5. Modem fault/ Modem Configuration Fault.
    6. Voice and Data Splitter at your end may be faulty.
    7. Spy ware is running on the computer and is interfering with
      the connection.
    8. Third-party firewall software is blocking the connection.
    9. Server down or due to higher network element faults at ISP.

Solution  for Error 678:

       Please follow instruction step-by-step to solve this error:

  1. Check whether ADSL/ DSL/ Link light of your modem is stable glowing or not. If it  is Stable, then take a ping test from your PC to modem.

Procedure for PING Test:

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2 thoughts on “ERROR 678: “The remote computer did not respond””

  1. solution that u gave is not working…i did ping test..the test is ok…adsl/dsl/link light is stable..lan card is also but still the error is still is coming.Error 678

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am Rajashekhar Veerappa Kori, I am using postpaid dongal bsnl since 8 years, my postpaid No is 9180132606 from Shirahatti exchange office, in Gadag Dist, i am complained for correct it many times but officers in Bsnl Shirahatti did not care for correct it and i am paying internet charges without use it. please inform them for correct it. otherwise i will go consumer court for this purpose.

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