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ERROR 691: “Access was denied because the user name and/or password was invalid on the domain”

This guide will help you to understand Error 691, which you got while connecting BSNL Broadband. It will help you in stepping out from this error 691, which occurs usually  due to Invalid Password or Username.

error 691One of the common errors while using BSNL Broadband faced by us is the Error 691, which is due to an Invalid Password or Username. Error 691 basically comes up when you are trying to connect to Broadband using your Username and password given by BSNL. There are times when you are using correct password and still you would get this error. Error 691 gives this error message while you try to dial the connection – “Access was denied because the username and/ or password was invalid on domain”. This happens basically because the BSNL AAA servers are not able to authenticate your credentials. There are several reasons behind it and here we will discuss on how you can solve it without much problem.

Reason for Error 691:

  1. Incorrect User name or password, or Spelling error.
  2. Due to forget of changed password.
  3. Due to wrong port binding by ISP.
  4. Due to authentication problem in AAA server of ISP.

Solution for Error 691:

  1. Check spelling of User name & password.
  2. Verify Caps Lock Key.
  3. Connect broadband with BSNL’s default broadband User ID: bbtest & Password: bsnlmp. If you got connected, that means BSNL server is ok. You just ask to BSNL office for password reset or Port Binding reset.

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