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ERROR 769: “The specified destination is not reachable”

This guide will help you to understand Error 769, which you got while connecting BSNL Broadband. It will help you in stepping out from this error 769, which occurs usually due to LAN port disabled.


One of the common errors while using BSNL Broadband faced by us is the Error 769. This error has resulted in most of the cases was mainly due to network card getting disabled. Re-enabling the network adapter has recovered the problem. 


Due to LAN port disabled.


Enable the LAN port (or Local Area Connection).


Start->setting->control panel->network connection->right click on local area connection->enable.

In case no local area network entry is found in the window, there is a possibility that the card is not recognized by the operating system and needs to be installed manually and the serviceability of the same to be checked as mentioned below:-

It can be confirmed by pinging the router at from the PC. For Type I, Type II modems by default the DHCP on the router is disabled. Hence the LAN card is to be assigned an IP Address with subnet mask as and the gateway as and then the ping test is to be carried out.. For Type III and Type IV models the DHCP on the router is enabled by default and hence the LAN card should be required to be put to “Obtain IP address automatically” before pinging. If the ping fails, the issue is with the LAN card only. Either the drivers or LAN card is the culprit in the issue. The command for pinging the router is “ping” from the command prompt.

In a couple of cases, where the system has on board LAN card, it was observed that the LAN Card Entry in the system BIOS settings was disabled.  But, you are  suggested not to try changing the settings without prior knowledge in BIOS.

Have you any query regarding this error code ERROR 769: “The specified destination is not reachable” or any suggestion, please share for others too.

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